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Introductory Offer for First Time Students

3 Classes for $30 or 1 Month Unlimited for $55

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Welcome to Yoga-Well-Being

in Columbus, OH

Yoga-Well-Being is a unique and small boutique studio in the Grandview area of Columbus, Ohio, not far from Upper Arlington and the OSU campus. If you are looking for what yoga was traditionally designed to create - a quiescent mind and a healthy body, look no further. YWB is for those who are not interested in extremes, whether it be poses, temperatures or instruction. So whether you are young and trying to find new friends, or mature and looking for introspection, it is the perfect studio for you. YWB is committed to creating a friendly community of like minded individuals. We offer a variety of different yoga styles that are perfect for all students regardless of age or fitness. Yoga-Well-Being is all about promoting well-being for any body at any age.

It's Your Yoga, For Your Needs, To Your Benefit

Classes at Yoga-Well-Being are not only about the physical workout, even though the asanas will provide many health benefits. A committed yoga practice at Yoga-Well-Being will create a healthy and spiritual balance in your life. 

All the classes are different and informed by each instructor's own unique experiences, training and personality. We invite you to enter the studio with a child’s mind and be open to the possibilities of your practice, and to the healing of your entire being. At Yoga-Well-Being, we practice the intention of yoga by treating everyone with love, respect and compassion.

We look forward to welcoming you into our yoga community which we hope will soon become your second home.

Featured Services

Meditation Workshops
AHAT MEDITATION (Sound Meditation) Sunday, Feb. 12, 3-5PM
Discover meditation techniques from around the world in these monthly workshops. Sessions are self-contained, but studying different methods leads to deeper insight and discovering what works best for one's personal practice.
In February celebrate love and compassion in Couples Workshop. Saturday, Feb. 11 from 2 to 4
In February start the practice of Meditation. Every month a different style till you find what resonates with you. Sun. February 12 from 3 to 5
Commit to Your Practice Special
Commit to your Practice: Unlimited Monthly Classes at $69 (reg. $90) for three consecutive months and get 12 additional months at that guaranteed rate with no contract or commitment. Automatically earn rewards for attendance and introducing new friends.


"Within the first couple of classes, I felt myself transform. I slowly saw my anxiety disappear (of course it resurfaces every now and then). I also saw a change in my physical body, as I was more flexible and could see visible toning. I feel like there is an instructor and class for every mood that I have or area in which I want to focus on. I also feel that YWB is such a welcoming and non-judgmental studio, that I truly feel like I am with family and friends. I was nervous when I first started that I would look silly or feel as though I was being judged for not knowing what I was doing, but I never once felt that way. I would and have recommended YWB to anyone and everyone."  Veronica


"My best friend has been taking yoga for a long time and encouraged me to go along with her as a stress reducer. I agreed and went along. Loved the class but it never felt like a workout. Loved the stretching. It was very relaxing. The next day I felt like a well oiled machine. All my joints felt loose and lubricated. I felt great. I would definitely recommend Sipra's yoga class!" - Kelley Blount

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